Ar-mo-nia: (Italian) Harmony

Armonia's mission is to restore harmony.  We make long-term investments in projects that promote regeneration:

  • Regeneration of the soil by farming in harmony with nature;
  • Regeneration of the soul by introducing kindness, gratitude and service into the way that we live and do business;
  • And regeneration of society by connecting people to each other and to nature, reinstating the purpose of finance:  to serve society.

Collaboration is at our core.  We operate through a constellation of like-minded partners, linked by trust and common values.  Together, we are moving beyond sustainability to adopt and promote regenerative practices in agriculture, finance and business.    
Since 2007, Armonia has seeded and invested in a number of sustainable/regenerative funds, companies, and projects. Below is a sample of the organizations supported.






Armonia is proud to be a GIIRS pioneer investor and GIIN founding member.

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